Dear Registered Families,

SUDC UK would like to invite you to a  family day out at:
ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Saturday 11th June

ZSL Whipsnade is the UK’s largest zoo, with over 600 acres of panoramic scenery, and over 3,500 animals to meet!

What’s included?
• FREE ENTRY for you and your family 
• Opportunity to CONNECT WITH OTHER FAMILIES – we will have a meeting point throughout the morning and during lunch and, if you would like to, there will be plenty of time to speak with other family members, for children to play together and for you to connect with the SUDC UK team.
• STARS FOR OUR CHILDREN – At our inaugural family day in 2019 (see picture above), families came together to plant a memorial tree for all children affected by SUDC. This year, we hope to hang stars for our children on the tree as a special way to remember and honour them. SUDC UK will also support a virtual star hanging on this day for all who cannot attend the family day, but wish to take part and hang stars at home.

If you have requested tickets we will send you an email nearer the time with clear information, including a map, where to meet and a timetable for the day. 

SUDC UK is looking forward to a wonderful day together at the beautiful zoo and are grateful to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo for their ongoing support of this event.

Please request tickets below and we will confirm your place as soon as possible.


SUDC Mothers Snowdon Challenge 2022

This September, SUDC UK will host a very special event where mothers, who have lost a child, will come together as one and take on the challenge of climbing Mount Snowdon. We thank Kate Walsh for suggesting this climb and hope the event will be uniting, uplifting and memorable. Kate shares her inspiration for the event below:

“When our youngest son Patrick was 4 we went on a family holiday to Snowdon.  We stayed in a cottage with my parents, my brother and sister-in-law and niece Isla.  We all had a great time and one of the highlights was going up Snowdon on the train, we felt like we had climbed a mountain but with none of the effort.

Ever since that trip I have wanted to go back and climb that mountain!

Now that Patrick is no longer with us the chance to do it as a complete family has passed but I still really want to do it.

Thinking about it at the start of the New Year I realised that being a bereaved parent is like climbing a mountain every day and that the people I would really like to climb the mountain with are other bereaved SUDC Mums.  What a powerful message to the world to say look what we are capable of even though we grieve our children who are no longer physically with us.

I would love to see as many SUDC mums as possible climb the mountain with me, show the world what we are capable of for our children and raise awareness of and valuable funds for SUDC UK.”

What’s included?

  • Accommodation and breakfast on the 16th and 17th September
  • An SUDC UK hoodie
  • A guided climb with RAW Adventures and their comprehensive resources and information on how to prepare, what to bring.
  • Transfer between the hotel and the climb start/finish point
  • A Packed Lunch on Saturday

What’s NOT included?

  • Travel to the event and evening meals are not included

There is a deposit and minimum financial sponsorship commitment to take part in this event and all participants must be registered with SUDC UK and the SUDC Foundation.

As a group we will stay in a hotel on the 16th September, climb the mountain on the 17th, rest for another night at the hotel and then depart on the 18th. Please register your interest for this event by emailing and we will send further information to help you decide if you’d like to take part.

Supportive Retreats

 SUDC UK is proud to support calm, restorative retreats for parents affected by the sudden, unexpected loss of a child between 1 and 18 years of age. This video explains more about these special events. The next event will take place on the 22nd October 2022. Please email to register your interest.


“I can only begin to describe the benefits that I have experienced from this day. Thank you so much to all those involved on the day and also those who helped fund and organise. So many nuggets of wisdom and shared emotions. Thank you. 💙 a bereaved parent.

These are fully-funded, annual events based at a beautiful location in Buckinghamshire. The day or weekend retreats provide time and space to meet, listen and share with others who have also suddenly lost a child. It is guided by caring and supportive experts, namely our patron, Jenni Thomas OBE (founder of Child Bereavement UK) and Nicki Whitworth (founder of SLOW). SUDC UK would like to thank bereaved parents, Craig and Faye ( for creating this video about the retreats and the Autumn Garwood’s family, who generously funded our 2019 and 2020 events in her memory and continue to support these events. 

  Additional SUDC UK bereavement resources