How is SUDC UK helping?

Raising awareness in the community – SUDC UK encourages UK families affected by SUDC and their communities to help raise awareness and funds in memory of a beloved child by hosting their own community fundraisers to benefit SUDC UK. Regardless of the size of your audience, SUDC UK is here to help you get started.

Promoting awareness through education – SUDC UK attends medical conferences and other relevant meetings to provide up to date, helpful and consistent information on SUDC.

Funding research – SUDC UK funds research projects which aim to further our understanding of SUDC. It works with professionals who have an interest in sudden unexplained death to help encourage and optimise research.

Advocating for families – SUDC UK aims to help improve national policy and services. SUDC UK represents SUDC bereaved parents meeting regularly to consult on all relevant guidelines and initiatives. SUDC UK hosts family activity days and creates a supportive SUDC community.