Board of Trustees

Camilla Gooden

Co-Founder and Chair of Trustees

SUDC Parent to Rex 10.4.2013-7.2.2015

Camilla has a consumer PR and communications background with experience in agency, in-house and more recently freelance project work for L’Oreal UK.  With over 20 years in PR and 2 years running communications and fundraising operations for SUDC UK, she brings a wealth of experience to the board. Camilla is currently training at the College of Naturopathic Medicine to be a Nutritional Therapist.


Helen Charalambous

Co-Founder, Trustee and Treasurer

SUDC Parent to Yianni  29.06.2012 – 15.11.2013

Helen has worked in the investment industry for more than 15 years for organisations including The Bank of New York, State Street Global Advisors and NWQ Investment Management Company. She is currently vice president and head of fund distribution for EMEA at Nuveen. In addition to her trustee role, Helen supports SUDC UK’s corporate relations and corporate initiatives.


Laura Gould Crandall

Co-Founder, Trustee and President of the SUDC Foundation

Laura Gould Crandall, MA is currently a research scientist in the Department of Neurology at the NYU School of Medicine, joined NYULMC as the director of the SUDC Registry and Research Collaborative, and President and Executive Director of the SUDC Foundation. Laura is also a licensed Physical Therapist in New Jersey and New York. She earned her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from New York University in 1990 and 1996.

In 1997, her first child, Maria, succumbed to Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood (SUDC) at the age of 15 months. Through the death investigation of Maria, Laura was convinced that changes in the system could and should be achieved.

Chief Executive

Nikki Speed

Co-Founder and SUDC UK Chief Executive (Volunteer)

SUDC Parent to Rosie 10.10.2011 – 23.12.2013

Nikki has a PhD in biochemistry and has experience working in academic research and pharmaceutical sales and marketing. Since 2016, Nikki has used her scientific background and understanding of the NHS to develop policy and collaborate with healthcare professionals. Now she is responsible for overseeing all SUDC UK operations including administration, communication, fundraising, SUDC UK events and medical education.


I am passionate about affecting a significant change in SUDC awareness and families having a UK charity to look to for information. I am determined to help SUDC UK improve medical education and support advances in research via funding and international collaboration; for all our beautiful children.”

Nikki Speed


Jenni Thomas OBE

SUDC UK is thrilled that Jenni Thomas agreed to come on board as our Founding Patron.  With over 45 years’ experience in the NHS supporting bereaved families, Jenni Thomas is widely recognised in the UK as a leading authority in bereavement support for grieving families. In 1994, Jenni founded the charity Child Bereavement UK to support families and educate professionals when a baby or child dies or is bereaved.  Throughout her career, Jenni has learnt – and continues to learn – from families.

When parents Tom and Nikki were thrown into the painful world of grief after Rosie died suddenly and unexpectedly, a priority for them was to seek guidance to understand the most helpful way to support their young son Adam.  Nothing can prepare grieving parents for the enormity of being parents to a suddenly bereaved young child.  So, it is enormously caring that bereaved parents have used their experience of what they needed to set up this important charity.  I know how valuable it will be to other families who sadly share the experience of losing a child in this way, as well as to the many professionals who are alongside the families at this time.  I am very honoured to be a Patron of SUDC UK and am grateful that I can use its excellent resources in my work.”

Jenni Thomas OBE

Expert Advisory Board

Professor Peter Fleming CBE

FRSA, PhD, MB ChB, FRCP (London), FRCP (Canada), FRCPCH.

Peter Fleming is a Professor of Infant Health & Developmental Physiology at Bristol University. He works primarily in research, teaching and safeguarding children and over the past 40 years has led several large-scale epidemiological studies of factors contributing to unexpected deaths in infants and children.

Peter was the lead clinician in the UK “Back to Sleep” Campaign in 1991, which led to a dramatic fall in the numbers of infants dying suddenly and unexpectedly. He has been involved as a collaborator and advisor to several similar campaigns in other countries. This work is estimated to have led to the saving of over 15,000 infants’ lives in the UK, and over 100,000 worldwide.

Peter continues to conduct detailed research in this field and has co-authored more than 360 scientific publications. His current research is the largest study to date of unexpected deaths in childhood in the UK.

The sudden unexpected and unexplained death of a child is possibly the worst tragedy that can occur to any family. Research into unexpected deaths in infancy has led to an 80% reduction in such deaths over the past 30 years in the UK. Unexpected deaths in older children are less common, much less well understood, and to date little research has been conducted in the UK to try to understand or prevent such deaths.  I am delighted to be associated with the newly established SUDC UK, which will provide support to families bereaved by the unexpected death of a child over one year of age, and provide leadership and encouragement to researchers  to improve knowledge, understanding, and our ability to prevent such deaths.”

Professor Fleming

Dr Peter Sidebotham

Dr Peter Sidebotham is a Consultant Paediatrician in Warwickshire and an Associate Professor of Child Health at the University of Warwick. He is a member of the Local Safeguarding Children Board and is Designated Doctor for Child Death Review in Warwickshire.

Peter’s research includes studies on unexpected child deaths including sudden infant death syndrome, and work on child death review. He is the author/editor of three books and several book chapters and has published extensively on unexpected child death and child death review.

Peter contributes to training programmes in child health, safeguarding and child death review both locally and nationally. Peter is on the Boards of Trustees for BASPCAN and the Lullaby Trust.


Over the years in my clinical and academic practice, I have found it an incredible privilege to meet with families whose child has died suddenly and unexpectedly. I can only begin to imagine the pain parents must feel, and that even more so when no explanation can be found. I am often overwhelmed by the resilience and grace shown by parents in these extremely difficult circumstances: parents who want to do all they can to prevent other families having to go through similar experiences. It is my hope that through working together in research, education, and supporting families, SUDC UK will help us move to a world where the pain of unexpected and unexplained death is no more.”

Dr Peter Sidebotham