SUDC UK works with its affiliate, the SUDC Foundation to support The SUDC Registry and Research Collaborative. The SUDC RRC analyses causes of sudden unexpected death to understand risk factors and causes, and develop preventable measures. Funding is required to offset direct costs associated with research co-ordinators, neuropathology, neuroimaging and infrastructure. SUDC UK supports the cost of UK families enrolling in this study. For more information about SUDC RRC, please click on the link above.

SUDC UK are also active members of the UK Child Death Registry Steering Group. A group of professional experts on child death and related charities which hope to form a groundbreaking national registry to improve and increase research into unexpected sudden death. We hope this project will also positively affect medical education, international scientific collaboration and key elements of the child death process, such as tissue retention. For more information please see the related publication.

New research projects to be unveiled soon.