A bereaved parent’s experience

SUDC UK co-founder, Camilla Gooden, shared her experience of having a baby following the loss of her son, Rex, with umbrella organisation for bereavement support, ‘The Good Grief Trust’. You can watch this video on their website.

Care of Next Infant – The CONI Scheme

The CONI scheme is funded by the Lullaby Trust and includes a range of services during and after pregnancy. Unfortunately, CONI is not available everywhere. You can call the Lullaby Trust yourself to be referred to the CONI scheme. Alternatively, some GPs or midwives may do this for you. For further information please visit The Lullaby Trust

Bereavement Midwives

In some areas of the country, there are midwives who are trained to support bereaved mothers. Their titles may vary and they often focus on women who give birth to stillborn babies. However, they have also been known to support mothers of children affected by SUDC. They are familiar with the nature of grief and the worries and concerns that bereaved parents have during pregnancy. If you think this type of dedicated support would be useful you may need to be persistent and ask various sources to identify and request the appropriate individual. Limited resources mean this support is unfortunately not available in all localities.