Advocacy and SUDC UK

What is advocacy?

Advocacy is a word more commonly used in the United States relating to public support of a cause or defense for someone’s rights. For the work of SUDC UK, ‘advocacy’ means to act for and on behalf of families affected by SUDC.

SUDC UK advocates for families in two main ways: We publicly act as a voice for all our registered families to help improve the family experience, care, relevant policy and research. We also act on behalf of individual families with consent to help them understand the status of their child’s investigation/inquest and understand the storage and availability of samples. This information may be useful to the family should they wish to learn more about further investigation or research. Discussion with various professionals is often necessary as local procedures and policies vary.

Finally, please note that SUDC UK works closely with it’s partner, the SUDC Foundation, and information/personal data is shared between the two organisations as per our constitution and affiliation agreement. SUDC UK is a registered charity in England and Wales (number 1175413)

Please consider the following and provide your consent to SUDC UK should you wish us to proceed. By completing this form you are confirming you are the legal next of kin for the child who died.