We offer support to any family affected by the sudden and unexpected death of a baby or young child

Thank you for the care you provide

If you are caring for a family affected by the unexpected sudden death of a child, or are looking for more information on SUDC, we hope our resources will be helpful.

  • Please encourage the family to register with us or you can proactively refer a family below and we will reach out with helpful information and connect them with support services. SUDC UK supports families at any stage following sudden child loss with no immediately apparent cause and they do not need to wait for the post mortem report or the investigation to conclude.
  • One page PDF summary of SUDC UK support services
  • This article in paediatrics and child health summarises key considerations for an SUDC-bereaved family in the U.K. 
  • Support with further investigations is important for SUDC cases. We recommend that the tissues taken at post mortem are retained, families are referred for medical screening (for example, via an Inherited Cardiac Conditions Clinic) and that a referral is made for whole genome sequencing and SUDC analysis (R441 in the National Test Directory). Please visit our family screening page for more information.