Camilla’s Story

Rex was the youngest of our three children at the time. He was a gregarious happy toddler who attracted an audience wherever he went. He had a smile that could light up a room and a contagious giggle that will never be forgotten. His siblings adored him and were looking forward to growing up with him and sharing their future together.  Then, in early February 2015 our world was shattered when Rex passed away during a routine lunch-time nap suddenly and unexpectedly. His death fell into a category called ‘SUDC’.  Our old life ceased and a new way of living was born.

Whilst sitting in the A&E cubicle holding Rex in my arms, I promised myself that I would dedicate the same amount of time to him in spirit, as I would have done in life.  I am intent on making our inconceivable unexpected tragedy into a positive legacy remembering the little boy we all loved so much.  That is why I, along with two other SUDC mothers are launching SUDC UK, the only charity in the UK focusing on the ‘why’ so we can better understand the cause(s) and help prevent them in the future.

Advocacy, education and fundraising for Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood is key. SUDC is such an under-researched area, and anything we can do to stop another child from suffering the same fate, as our beloved Rex is a positive.