Helen’s Story

Our little Yan had an inquisitive nature, cheeky smile, and huge deep blue eyes that caused people to smile and engage with him wherever we travelled.  He loved kicking a ball, tearing around the house, swimming and cars

One autumn evening we put our beautiful, energetic boy to bed, as usual. Despite suffering a bit of a cough, he had been bundling around the house, and had eaten a full dinner and enjoyed his bedtime milk and story.

The next day our world fell to pieces.  Our gorgeous boy, and only child at the time, had gone…

How is it possible to put a seemingly perfectly healthy toddler to bed, but for that child not to wake up the next day? I am hopeful that, through our work at SUDC UK and at the SUDC Foundation, one day we will have an answer and that sudden unexplained death in childhood (SUDC), will be a thing of the past. In the meantime, it is my hope that SUDC UK can help raise awareness and funds to help make SUDC predictable and preventable, and that we can help support similarly bereaved families navigate life after the loss of a much loved child.