Thank you for your help in memory of all children affected by SUDC!

There are really important ways that you can support a brighter future for SUDC. Please donate or fundraise for SUDC UK, share social media with @sudcuk and #sudcawareness or write to your MP using the information below.

Please also order your SUDC Awareness Packs and we will send you materials in the post to help support awareness during March, especially on the 18th – National SUDC Awareness day.

A huge HUGE thank you from us all!

Parliamentary Reception on SUDC

Please help us make some long term changes for SUDC by supporting the attendance of MPs to our next important event: a Parliamentary Reception on SUDC on the 18th March 2024 in the House of Commons.

We have 4 different templates to choose from below depending on the contact you have had with your MP to date. These are just for guidance, please amend as appropriate.

Please remember to include your name, address and postcode so the MP prioritises replying to you as a constituent. can be used to identify and write to your MP.

Template if this is your first contact with your MP and you are bereaved family member.

Template if you’re sure your MP attended the 2023 SUDC debate.

Template if you have written to your MP before about the 2023 SUDC debate but you are not sure they attended

Template if you are not a family member but are a kind supporter of our causes.