Nikki’s Story

In 2013 our much-loved second child, Rosie, was a very happy and completely healthy child until one sad night, out of the blue, aged two and a quarter, she died in her sleep. We still don’t know why.

Our wonderful ‘little scooter girl’ loved zooming around outside, gardening with daddy and swimming with mummy. She adored snuggling on the sofa with her big brother, Adam, enjoyed picnics in the playroom and dancing in the living room.

On the 22nd December 2013 Rosie was full of fun in the morning but was a bit quiet in the afternoon, maybe a cold was looming – nothing out of the ordinary! After a story and cuddles, she went to sleep. The next morning, I went to wake her and to my horror found that she had died many hours ago. There was nothing that could be done to try and save her. She is so missed. However, we are lucky to see so much of her in Adam and her new little brother and sister.

Like most parents, we had never heard of SUDC and still find it hard to believe that perfectly healthy children of any age can die without warning. We live in hope that Rosie’s legacy and the efforts of SUDC UK can help save children from SUDC in the future.