Personal Giving

SUDC UK is dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding of sudden unexpected in childhood, funding crucial research to better understand these tragedies and helping families and individuals access tailored support.

Your tax-deductible donation will:

  • Fund crucial research. SUDC UK supports and encourages research that may lead to determining the cause(s) and someday the prevention of these childhood deaths. Please see Research We Support to read about current research projects SUDC UK is supporting
  • Fund SUDC UK’s advocacy and awareness activities
  • Fund SUDC UK Family Days, intended to bring families together for uplifting days out either nationally or regionally

If you would like to donate in memory of a particular SUDC child please contact us and we will help you find their fundraising page on our Kindlink platform.

Workplace Giving

Does your company offer employees a convenient way to support their favourite charity through payroll deductions and/or an annual giving campaign? SUDC UK runs a volunteer service via its Kindlink platform so individuals can offer their time and expertise to support SUDC UK’s initiatives.

Please contact us and we will speak with your human resource department about the requirements and procedures involved to have SUDC UK become part of your company’s workplace giving program.