Professor Peter Fleming CBE

Expert Advisory Board

FRSA, PhD, MB ChB, FRCP (London), FRCP (Canada), FRCPCH.

Peter Fleming is a Professor of Infant Health & Developmental Physiology at Bristol University. He works primarily in research, teaching and safeguarding children and over the past 40 years has led several large-scale epidemiological studies of factors contributing to unexpected deaths in infants and children.

Peter was the lead clinician in the UK “Back to Sleep” Campaign in 1991, which led to a dramatic fall in the numbers of infants dying suddenly and unexpectedly. He has been involved as a collaborator and advisor to several similar campaigns in other countries. This work is estimated to have led to the saving of over 15,000 infants’ lives in the UK, and over 100,000 worldwide.

Peter continues to conduct detailed research in this field and has co-authored more than 360 scientific publications. His current research is the largest study to date of unexpected deaths in childhood in the UK.

Peter has supported SUDC UK as an advisor since it’s launch in 2017.