March is ‘Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood (SUDC) Awareness month’ and we thank you for joining the global campaign. Together, let’s shine a light on SUDC!

Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, and share our posts including #SUDCAwareness. Join in the simple activities listed below and enjoy a positive spring month making a huge difference. With awareness efforts bringing greater attention to this cause, we hope SUDC will benefit from increase funding, research and ultimately, one day SUDC will be predictable and preventable.

Please order a free SUDC Awareness kit  or see the links in yellow below to download and print your own resources. If you would simply like information leaflets to display locally or in the workplace please contact us.

Details of activities during SUDC Awareness month…

All month long - Share our campaign 'Together, Let's Shine a Light on SUDC' on social media

All month long please share our campign across social media and encourage your followers to follow @SUDCUK/@SUDCUK1 and share/retweet. Together, Let’s Shine a Light on SUDC. To download the main campaign image please click here for instagram/Facebook tilehere for Twitter or here for an A4 printable PDF. Please share as they are or print and hold up with a big smile to show your support. We really are so grateful!

All month long - Stride for SUDC Awareness

All month long join the “Strides for SUDC 10,000 Mile Challenge” by walking, running, or rolling the distance you choose from wherever you are. Let us know your progress on our daily mile tracker on the SUDC Foundation’s tracker and show your participation on social media. One community, one common goal. One mile can make a difference!

Week 1 - Shine a light on SUDC Week

Spread the word about SUDC Awareness Month and educate someone new with our information sheet and/ or share SUDC UK’s social media posts this week. Please also add our Facebook cover to your profile in support and to announce the start of awareness month.

Week 2 - Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve Week

Show your support of SUDC Awareness Month by wearing your SUDC UK-branded clothing/bracelet/pin or wear stars or something else meaningful and post a photo on social media.

Week 3 - Kindness Week

Join us in remembering those lost to SUDC by using our Kindness Cards to perform a Random Act of Kindness in their memory, and share your act on social media.

Week 4 - Why SUDC Awareness is Important to Me

Families, professionals, and communities are affected by SUDC in countless ways. Join us this week in sharing why SUDC awareness is important to you on social media.

This #SUDCAwareness month we ask all our supporters to look at our template letter and consider writing to your local MP, Scottish MP (SMP), Member of the Senedd (MS) or any other local politician to help them learn about SUDC.

You can find your local politician and email them directly at Please search using your postcode and you will be able to click on the your MP/SMP/MS and others. 

Having a template provides a place to start to help you share your story with those who could make a real difference. They may have never even heard of SUDC and will appreciate hearing from a constituent about what has happened and how they could help. You can copy and paste the information from our PDF should you wish. You will need to add your information and edit the letter a little with some paragraphs to make it easy to read. Of course, if you prefer you could send this as a letter in the post.

Thank you so much for your support!

Please contact us if you would like any more materials or we can help your efforts in any way!