How is SUDC UK helping?

Raising Awareness – A core part of SUDC UK’s mission is to raise awareness of SUDC. To do this, SUDC UK works with bereaved families, the public, the press and other professionals to support the distribution of accurate information. 

Funding research – SUDC UK appreciates the incredible fundraising efforts of our community and the donations we receive. SUDC UK grants funds to research projects that aim to further our understanding of SUDC. It also works with professionals who have an interest in sudden unexplained death to help encourage and optimise research.

Supporting families – Upon registration, families are immediately connected to the expert professional and peer bereavement support services of our partner organisation, the SUDC Foundation. SUDC UK provides practical resources following the loss of a child, hosts events for families and creates a supportive community. SUDC UK also advocates for families on an individual case basis (in collaboration with the SUDC Foundation) as they navigate the official child death process and consider further investigations.

Medical Education – SUDC UK attends medical conferences and other relevant meetings to provide up-to-date, helpful and consistent information on SUDC. 

Collaborating to improve policy – SUDC UK aims to help improve national policy and services and be a voice for our families. To do this, SUDC UK works with other organisations, consults on relevant guidelines and initiatives and is a founding charity member of the national All-Party Parlimentary Group for Bereavement. 


Why is raising awareness important?

Greater awareness of Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood could improve:

  • funding for research
  • engagement in research
  • care and support for bereaved families  
  • family experience as they seek medical care, screening or bereavement support
  • resources for families and professionals
  • scientific understanding of how SUDC could be predicted to prevent future deaths

“The future depends on what you do today.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Please follow the hashtag #SUDCAwareness to stay up-to-date with our awareness efforts.

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