Refer a family

Please refer families experiencing the unexpected and potentially unexplained death of a child to our affiliate the SUDC Foundation where they will receive tailored bereavement support. The SUDC Foundation supports over 800 families worldwide and is experienced in the unique challenges and unanswered questions that follow a sudden, unexpected and unexplained loss of a child.

Family screening

Is SUDC inherited? Can it happen more than once in the same family? We do not know the answer to these questions so naturally families can be extremely anxious. We do know that some rare causes of sudden death are associated with genetic predisposition. For example, some cardiac channelopathies. This is one of the many reasons that SUDC UK advocates for comprehensive investigations for all sudden unexpected deaths and the screening of family members.

Please refer families for screening. A useful first step would be to refer SUDC siblings to their local inherited cardiac conditions clinic. It is likely that the peadiatric cardiologists working in these settings will have supported other SUDC families.

Please see this document for more information on screening and caring for families: Medical and bereavement information to help clinicians when caring for families.

Families may wish to print this out and take it with them when discussing options with clinicians. (A UK version of this document is in development.)

Information leaflets for your department

Please click here to order or print SUDC information leaflets for your department

SUDC UK collaborating with professionals

SUDC UK aims to collaborate with those who support SUDC families or have an interest in sudden unexplained death. Together we hope to raise awareness and optimise UK processes, services and research. Please do not hesitate to contact our Medical Director if we can help you in any way.

SUDC UK works closely with the NHS and other professionals to achieve its mission in the following ways:

  • SUDC UK funds research projects to further our understanding of SUDC
  • SUDC UK participates at conferences to help raise awareness and educate on SUDC
  • SUDC UK advocates for SUDC children and families to encourage best practice in both the national child death review process and the care of SUDC families
  • SUDC UK provides useful resources to help SUDC information be consistent and accurate. Please see our FAQ, Statistics and Published Papers pages or contact us for further information.

Excellent information resources are available online from the SUDC Foundation.